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Our patient case studies



A 70 year-old retired woman presents with acute onset of left sided back pain.  While there was no obvious precipitating event the pain had been progressively worsening over last 24 hours with the pain specifically at the left side radiating to the flank which was worse with movement, especially getting out of bed.  There were no other symptoms or significant medical history that would point to a pre-existing cause.  This patient arrived a few minutes before 11am.  She was brought into the department at 11am where the triage nurse assessed her condition and had her change into a gown for examination.  Our consultant emergency physician examined her, ordered blood tests as well as a CT Scan.  She was provided some oral analgesia to control her pain at around 11.30am and was escorted to QDI (Queensland Diagnostic Imaging) for her CT Scan by midday.  Once the results returned from the CT scan and blood tests, the doctor reviewed her and cleared her for any sinister diagnosis.  The cause of the pain was likely to be musculoskeletal and the patient was provided with a plan to manage that pain into the future.  She was discharge at 12.50pm to home for some rest and analgesia.

All staff in your Emergency Centre were very professional and my needs were addressed promptly and competently. I also felt that I was kept well informed and consulted regarding my treatment. I would like to express my gratitude for such an excellent service.



A woman in her fifties presents with crampy abdominal pain and nausea for one week.  She has no previous medical conditions.  The abdominal pain had suddenly worsened that afternoon,intermittently at first but increased in severity over the next hour to a constant very localised pain across her lower abdominal.  She was nauseated but did not vomit, did have some chills and probably a fever.  She did not have diarrhoea.  The patient was examined by a consultant emergency physician.  She was investigated for both appendicitis and gastroenteritis as possible causes for her presentation.  A series of blood tests were taken.  She was given pain relief, anti-nausea medication and intravenous fluids as the pain and nausea had resulted in her not drinking as much as she should and therefore was somewhat dehydrated.  After reviewing her investigations, a definitive diagnosis was not possible while she was in emergency but it was a concerning enough picture for appendicitis that the decision was made to admit overnight for monitoring and further investigations in the morning to eliminate or confirm appendicitis.  She was referred to a general surgeon and receiving ongoing intravenous fluids and pain relief overnight.

“This was my first time using this centre and I was very impressed with the care I received from the staff that treated me. I would highly recommend your centre to all my friends and family.”


An elderly man had an experience that required him to go to the hospital. Here is his story.


A woman in her thirties arrived having stubbed her foot on a curb some six weeks prior.  However, despite seeing physiotherapists and having multiple interventions such as strapping, the pain was increasingly worsening.  The patient was reviewed by a consultant emergency physician and an MRI on the foot was arranged for within an hour.  This was reviewed and the patient was referred for further management with an orthopaedic surgeon specialising is lower limbs.

“Unfortunately it was only my 7 year-old daughter and I;  as my husband was at work.  I was so worried about getting the MRI and leaving my daughter. The doctors and nurses went outside their call of duty.  Not only did they look after me while getting treated they went out of their way to ensure my daughter was comfortable and safe.  I will now; never! go anywhere else but there; Northside emergency was quick; professional; and had outstanding service.  Please pass on our thanks to your team.”