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Warning signs of a heart attack: breathing & heart problems

Do not ignore the warning signs: Shortness of breath links to heart problems

Finding it difficult to breathe is a scary experience. When our heart and lungs are not working together simultaneously to supply the body with oxygenated blood, our body responds with fast, heavy breathing.

If you are experiencing any breathing problems, including those caused by a cough or a treatable illness, it’s time to visit BNE. If it is unsafe for you to transport yourself to our Chermside location, call an Ambulance.

The professional team of doctors at BNE will ensure your symptoms are dealt with fast and efficiently.

Open 24/7 – No appointment needed!

We provide assessment and treatment for respiratory problems, including asthma, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat or blood pressure related issues. If your breathing problems are a result of emphysema, bronchitis or sinusitis, and your symptoms are worsening, our team is here to help.

Whether it’s at work, after a sporting match or in the middle of the night, BNE is open and ready to attend to your needs. Don’t suffer in the waiting room until you can receive medical attention, head to BNE where you’ll be given immediate treatment for any breathing or heart problems.

If you believe that you or a loved one have suffered from a heart attack or are experiencing cardiac arrest, it’s advised you take the Ambulance directly to us at Brisbane Northside Emergency.

If it’s an emergency, or a breathing concern that frequently occurs, visit BNE. We’re the knowledgeable team of doctors and healthcare professionals you can trust for all your breathing issues.