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Treat unexpected injury & wounds with our experienced team of healthcare professionals

We never plan for accidents resulting in injuries or wounds, and they often occur at the worst possible times. BNE is your go to injury clinic, and the solution to get you back on your feet, as fast as possible.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals can provide treatment for broken bones, fractures, wounds and lacerations. The pain caused by injuries and wounds is often unbearable, and it’s our priority to relieve this pain in the fastest way possible. If you require hospital admission, we’ll ensure you’re given the best care in the most suitable hospital.

Open 24/7 – No appointment needed!

Upon arrival at BNE you will be assessed by an emergency doctor, with little to no wait times: usually less than 10 minutes. It’s crucial to seek assessment for fractures immediately, to ensure bones are set correctly for healing if that’s required.

Open wounds are hugely susceptible to infection, and without adequate care, they can cause serious problems. As well as on the spot treatment, we also provide patients with information about ongoing wound care, and we are always available for future support if problems arise during the healing process.

If the accident is serious, and you are unable to transport yourself to BNE, contact an Ambulance and request that you’re directly transported to us for immediate medical care. Our team of emergency doctors are available to provide injury and wound treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No painful waits and no wasted time, you’ll receive the care you deserve instantly at BNE private emergency centre.