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FAQs from GPs 

BNE offers a range of emergency services to Brisbane GPs and their patients. As the closest emergency facility to many local GPs on the Brisbane Northside, our extended services can assist in the effective and fast treatment of your patients. For more information on referral processes and other requirements, please see the below frequently asked questions.

We have a large cardiology caseload with very easy access to both cardiologists and a Cath lab that is accessible 24 hours day, 7 days week – including public holidays.
The standard of care for cardiac patients at BNE and St Vincent Private Hospital Northside is 5-star. In fact, the majority of these types of presentations are in the Cath Lab within 90 minutes of arrival, a gold standard as far as KPI’s are concerned.
Yes, we see children of all ages at any time of the day.
In fact, 20% of our presentations are children. We treat all childhood accidents and illnesses. Our doctors and nursing staff are very experienced emergency personnel.
Very sick infants/children requiring urgent serious care should bypass BNE and continue on to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane, as it is the only suitable facility for this rare group.
We are happy to apply casts and treat fractures referred to us for our management. We do not apply casts to patients who are referred to us solely for cast application.
Our doctors do appreciate a call from the GP for a brief handover whenever possible. We have a dedicated GP referral Hotline – 3326 3303 for this purpose.
We then allocate our resources accordingly.
The patients themselves feel reassured knowing that: “my doctor called and you are expecting me”. This is often quoted to our staff at the front desk.
Yes, in most cases we can send these back to you for your records.
BNE can see and treat MOST patients. There are exceptions:
    • Major Multi trauma – Should proceed to the large public facilities.

      Obstetrics – There is no in-patient services for OB/GYN at St Vincent Private Hospital Northside and generally do not treat these patients over 21 week’s gestation. However, our strong relationship with North West Private Hospital provides us with an almost seamless transition for GYNE patients requiring admission.

      Psychiatry – We do not have the facilities to treat psychiatric patients. There is a major facility next door at Prince Charles Hospital.

      DVA – BNE is not a DVA provider. Patient’s insured by The Department of Veterans’ Affairs can be DIRECTLY admitted to St. Vincent Private Hospital Northside under their private Consultant if you have made those arrangements.

    Alternatively The Prince Charles Emergency Department can manage DVA patients.

      Workers Compensation – Generally Work Cover patients are not treated at BNE. However, there are a few provisions:
      All patients are required to pay for their treatment at the time of consultation and arrange their own third party rebates. Work Cover is no exception. We do not directly bill any third party or send out accounts. Additionally, Work Cover patients requiring admission to St Vincent Private Hospital Northside need private health insurance initially, until the claim is accepted. Generally, Work Cover patients with no private health cover are transferred to a public hospital. To avoid double-handling, workplace injury requiring admission should ideally bypass BNE.